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Ten years ago, North Mecca was a safe city, a good place to live in peace. Until the murders began. At first the culprits could not be found until the horror was realized it was the police themselves having changed into a monstrous creature full of blood lust and anger. Then the real invasion began. The changes began occurring in the general population, seemingly, at random. No one could be trusted. The monsters were everywhere. Until finally, someone had enough. On that day a new kind of hero was born. The change that seemed to come randomly only occurred in adults. Those under the age of accountability were safe from the change and couldn't be seen by the creatures. The young and the innocent became North Meccas saviors. Children are now taught how to wound and kill these monsters and are paired up in groups to go into the city to destroy the wandering monsters. Now ten years later something different has happened a lone girl has been found in the city with no memories but of her name “Yeen”. Who is this mysterious girl and what does her appearance mean?