Obsidian Knight joined Hunter Blitz in 1963 to uncover the plot to take over America by Lyndon Johnson. With his help, they were able to discover that Lyndon Johnson was killed and replaced by the first super villain, "Master Mind". Later in Obsidian Knights career as a Super Hero under the organization called Coalition, he was on a mission in which he encountered a strange anomaly. This anomaly disappeared when he encountered it and he regressed back to a infant state. Centarious and Stasis raised Obsidian Knight with their son.


Obsidian Knight

Barbara Ann Atkinson

Sam Salyer, aka Centarious is the original super hero, revealing his presence in 1963 by saving President Kennedy from assassination. Centarious with the help of Obsidian Knight and Giaritta uncovered the plot by the Vice President Lyndon Johnson to take over America using the FBI and CIA.





Bernell Carmel, aka Giarita joined Centarious and Obsidian Knight in 1963 on the hunt for the Super Villain called only "Master Mind". The group discovered that the Villain was using Lyndon Johnson's identity as Vice President. The Villain escaped capture in Centarious and Obsidian Knights' initial confrontation. Obsidian Knight traced Master Minds' location to a warehouse in the DC district. There the team discovered Master Mind was a woman who can sing anything she imagines into existence. Centarious and Obsidian Knight were outmatched by Master Minds' power but Giarita turned the tide and was able to capture the Villain for a short time.

Jason Lee grew up an orphan, he began as a teen watching the coverage of Centarious and his teamates on the news in 1963. In the teams final battle with Master Mind the team was sorely loosing the battle. Upset Jason went out back of the orphanage and discovered his birthright, a Medallion with the name Definity on it. Once assuming his mantel Jason  became the hero Definity in doing so it erased Jason's name and past leaving him as only Definity, a boy out of time. Definity rushed to the help of his beloved heroes and joined the battle and ultimately defeted Master Mind.